Words by Simon

Give your content life again.

Give your content life again.

Give your content life again. Give your content life again.

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I'm a freelance online copywriter.

And the first thing that I am going to tell you is that words are so much more than just letters. They are the heart & soul of your brand. They are what give your business its personality. They are the engine that drives your marketing strategy, and at the end of the day, your message—and how it's delivered through  images, layout & links—must first begin with the words as its backbone.  

My webcopywritng changes the way in which businesses speak.

I am passionate about helping businesses create a unique online voice. This voice will be the driving force behind consistently getting your message out to the most customers. As your online copywriter I will meet your needs though social media, SEO, website copywriting & blog writing. 

A little about me

Hello there, my name is Simon.

I'm a British-born, Atlanta living scriber, and when it comes to writing and developing a message, I like to think of myself as something of a connoisseur. Copywriting (like most forms of writing) is all about storytelling, and storytelling is what I do. I mean, I was that weird kid in class that would write short stories for the fun of it (my first tale being about a golden retriever named "Dog") and when I got to be a little bit older, I combined  this passion with my love of sports when I started my first blog. After graduating from Georgia State University, I began my career,  wearing many hats and working in multiple business divisions (primarily finance, marketing & human resources) for hospitality management companies.

 Although I would've never dreamed that those early forays into writing would evolve  into me starting my own business, I have accepted my fate, and coupled with my professional background, I look forward to helping you craft the narrative for YOUR business.


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